Wichita DUI Defense Attorney


What are police looking for when they decide to pull someone over?

When searching for potential drunk drivers on our roads, Kansas police officers are trained to look for several specific signs including, but not limited to:

Once you are pulled over, your officer may observe your mannerisms for more signs of intoxication, for example:

My license was suspended when I was arrested. How can I have it reinstated?

To protect your driving privileges, it is critical that you contact the DMV within ten days of your arrest to schedule an administrative hearing. Here, you may be able to prove yourself and have your license readmitted at least until the results of your criminal trial. Unfortunately, Kansas law does not allow for hardship licenses, so if you are convicted of DUI, you must wait until your time of suspension is up. After that, you may reinstate your license by contacting your local branch of the DMV.

Do I really need an attorney?

You are not required to hire an attorney, but we absolutely recommend it. All law is complex, and both extensive knowledge and trial experience can go a long way in proving a case. Knowing the right motions to file, the right expert witnesses to call upon, and how to have the right evidence suppressed or brought to light are all critical skills that a good Wichita DUI attorney can bring to the table.

With that said, it is vital that you do your research instead of just hiring the first attorney in the phonebook. Just like a good lawyer can turn your case into a trial success, an inexperienced or ill-prepared lawyer can quickly turn your case into a trial by fire.

How can an attorney defend my case?

Due to the complexity of DUI cases, a good attorney can find many ways to defend you no matter what your circumstances are. For example:

These are just a few defenses that an attorney may be able to use. That said, every case is different—to know for sure what defense would work best for you, discuss your case with a skilled Wichita DUI attorney as soon as possible.