DUI Accident Attorneys

You were caught up in an accident, which was frightening enough. But now you are being arrested, handcuffed, and taken down to the police station to be charged with DUI. Who can you turn to at a time like this? Who can you trust to protect your rights?

When an accident is involved, a DUI case becomes even more legally complex. Prosecutors will be under enormous pressure to find guilty, no matter what the truth is, and will be at the top of their game during trial. You need an attorney who doesn’t just know law out of a textbook, but who has the years of experience necessary to truly understand the finer points of DUI law and how to make it work for his clients. We can help.

Our Wichita DUI Lawyer is Highly Experienced in Defense:

Our Wichita DUI attorneys have successfully defended clients throughout Wichita and surrounding counties against all types of DUI charges, including serious offenses such as:

At our law offices, we understand the difficult time that you are going through and work hard to favorably resolve your case as soon as possible. We understand that no case is as cut-and-dry as a prosecutor might suggest. The prosecution must prove not only that you were driving the vehicle in question, but that your reckless driving was undeniably the cause of the accident. In fact, by investigating your case thoroughly we can expose other possible causes including poor road conditions, obscured or malfunctioning street signs, and another person’s driver error.

If you are facing DUI charges and were involved in an accident, a good attorney can mean the difference between freedom or prison and a felony on your criminal record. Don’t wait to defend yourself until it’s too late. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with a top Wichita DUI attorney today.